Automate Across Your Network

One of the requirements of DARP, when we mapped out the design of the software, was that it had to work across a wired network. DARP will happily run Peer to Peer or on a Client / Server network. You can make changes on the fly to the audio wall or to the playout log...

networking radio automation playout

Automated Playout

DARP offers your station three levels of radio automation with Full Automation being the highest and hassle free way of leaving your station at times when presenters aren’t available. You can use Full Automation overnight and build logs to cover these hours giving you worry free unattended programming, strong continuation of your service and bigger...

automated playout radio

Music Scheduling

DARP is complimented by a free package called ProTrak which allows you to do music scheduling and create timed and dated logs which can be imported to DARP or simply printed out. If you don’t wish to drag and drop the songs you want into the playout log in DARP this is a great option...

music scheduling scheduler radio playout automation

Voice Tracking

If you need to pre record your shows then you can use the simple voice tracking facility built into DARP. A lot of other packages charge extra for tools like this but DARP provides its voice tracking as part of its radio automation. Not only can you voice track but you can also trim the...

voice tracking radio automation

Easy for Everyone

DARP is one of the easiest radio automation system to use. This has been proven over the last ten years and the feedback from all users is that DARP never lets them down, is always working and makes presenting a radio show a breeze. Additionally DARP has to be one of the easiest radio automation packages to install.

Many Automation Solutions

DARP is an ideal radio automation solution for Hospital Radio's, Community Radio Stations, RSL's, College Radio, Internet and Web Radio stations. DARP has been refined to make it easy for nearly all presenters to use regardless of their PC expertise.

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